In result of coaching with Aggie, I started becoming more aware, understanding my patterns, my reactions. I also enjoyed the reading aspect of coaching. It opened up new horizons for me. I had no idea sometimes what was going on for me or how to work through it. I started understanding myself. The real me. I started loving myself more and more and building my self-esteem. I understood I can build my life in a way that feels authentic to me. That I am free to choose that which I want to create in life. I found peace within myself and grew emotionally. I would definitely recommend Aggie as a coach. She stood next to me as a friend, a sister, a person I can trust. This never felt like a merchant- client relationship. That was the most important piece for me and a secure base was something that was really missing from my life at the time. I found that in our sessions.

Sofia (Global Program and Product Manager)

I think being unfamiliar with the process and not knowing what to expect would have stopped me from going to a coach, to begin with. But once I was there I felt Aggie put me at ease and she was a solid presence to bounce ideas off and work through goals. In that way, Aggie helped me to see things more clearly and to see what is possible in the near future and the planning that's needed for longer-term goals. So I found it very beneficial and would recommend Aggie to others who seek to progress their growth path in life.

Daivd (Career Changer)

In the past, I felt that it was very important to be able to do everything on my own, that I shouldn’t need to ask for help. That was my biggest obstacle to getting a life coach in the past. When I looked at the lives of many successful people, however, it seemed that more people than I thought were benefiting from them. So I decided to give it a go, and it was worth it. As a result of working with Aggie, I got to know myself a bit more. I took time to reflect on my life and the way I was handling situations. I also realised how nice it is to be able to talk things through with someone who you know is on your side. What I liked most about my coaching with Aggie was how caring and concerned she was. I never felt like a ‘client’ per se. But it was like Aggie was a friend or a family member who really had my back and wanted me to be the best possible version of myself. Three other benefits of coaching would be: A) The feeling of accountability and deadlines work really well for me. When I was given an exercise to complete, I always did take the time as I knew that Aggie would ask me about it. If it was just for myself, sometimes I might not always follow through. B) Knowing that there was always the next session. Sometimes during the week if something was troubling me, or if I had a concern about something, it was nice to know that I could discuss it with Aggie at our next session, instead of dwelling on it myself at the time without any progress. C) Fantastic advice/recommendations – Aggie always had great tips about general wellbeing, books to read, podcasts to listen to and these were all very useful. I would most certainly recommend Aggie as a coach. If you are considering giving yourself this time, then I suggest you give it a go and see for yourself.

Kate (School Principal)

I worked with Aggie recently. Career Coaching was just not something i had thought about previously. My original thought was that coaching would assist me with possibilities to improve my CV, and change direction. However, it really helped me focus on what was important. It was always personal and free flowing. The journey seemed to be light hearted, but the key facts and stages were always achieved. It reaffirmed my awareness of my strengths. It also raised my awareness on weaknesses. It helped on sometimes restructuring answers which not only get the point across, but are more direct. I would recommend Aggie as a Coach without a doubt. Not only was her coaching personal and exactly as agreed, it developed through the stages and always I found the result was available and achievable, through the agreed plans and hard work. I also found Aggie extremely focused and went the extra mile to assist and ensure the goals were met. I cannot recommend her skills highly enough and would recommend her to any potential clients without hesitation. First class and helped immensely.

Aaron (Director of Operations)

Simply, I did not think about Business Coaching in the past, and I only started looking for it when I needed some focus and structure for myself. During working with Aggie, I understood what was holding me back and found new ways of doing my business. I really appreciated the constant look at what was worrying me, my business development and finding answers relevant to me. Other useful aspects of our coaching: meaningful conversations about general aspects on how to run a business, personalised reading material that actually helps a lot, and homework to proactively do what we talked about during our sessions. Recently I went through the notebooks and I was quite impressed to see how so much has changed in last 3 months. The ongoing support is very welcome too. Thank you! I am very grateful!

Vasco (Business owner of Cork Crafts)

I didn't really know what to expect from coaching, and this fear of the unknown held me back for quite some time, but I found confidence which was within me! Aggie helped draw it all out. The fear disappeared and I felt so confident as she made me believe in myself. I really liked Aggie’s approach - friendly, caring and above all: patient and understanding. She always reassured me that she is there for me and this kept me focused on my goals. Always so supportive, sending me great inspirations material and checking in on me to see how I was doing. Aggie lets you set a plan and encourages you to stick to it. Most certainly I would recommend working with her! She has changed my attitude and restored my confidence in myself. It was the best decision I made so far, this year. She has brightened up my life and made me believe that I will succeed and achieve my goals.

Breeda (Public Sector)

I was asking myself the all the wrong questions it seems. Now I have a better perspective and I know what questions I need to ask myself to get rid of all the misconceptions I kept creating in my mind. Even if you think you have a certain level of awareness about yourself and who you are it might not be high enough to let you see the real you! Not only career coaching is interesting in itself but it can be an eye-opener. I am so happy that one of my friends encouraged me to sign up!

Marcela (Customer Support Agent)

Aggies focus and expertise were a great help in getting my career moving forward. She was able to give me a fresh perspective on how I view myself and my accomplishments, and motivate me me to go in the direction that I wanted

Conor (Customer Care Specialist)

She guided me to find what I lost in my life and to see what I really care about it. Sometimes you are lost and you need someone to light a candle for you. In this case, she started the spark and I’m on my way to light the sun. It was a great experience and I have to say that she loves what she does and she cares for people. If you are looking for a second opinion, I recommend her, you will see things from a different perspective later.

Emma (Customer Service Specialist)

Life happens and I cannot control everything around me. This was a big 'Ah ha' moment for me, one of MANY I hasten to add! Through Aggie's informal yet subtly probing approach, I have managed to learn more about myself in the past couple of months than I have ever dared to figure out over 30+ years. You choose your pace, direction and overall willingness to progress, as ultimately we have the drive within but through life, it gets lost in translation...

Sarah (Inside Territory Executive)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aggie in our coaching-sessions! I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental her guidance was for unlocking my potential and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to take career or personal development to the next level!

Stefan (Team Leader)

We know each other through work, true - but I must still say this is something so rare as being able to guide me through my own thoughts and options - and to spot my negative patterns. I always come out of our talks feeling like I see possibilities again, and have a new-found direction and momentum to get things accomplished. Can highly recommend, for anyone who is ready to grab their lives with both hands and make it what they want!

Katharina (Customer Care Specialist)

In my 4 coaching sessions with Aggie, I have found myself once more convinced, that the Universe works by the law of attraction. That means, that you attract those things into your life where you focus your mind on. I made my decision to concentrate more on my book project just before I met her in a pub and she told me about the possibility to get more effective with my novel writing. During the direct and informal meetings, I’ve learned effective ways to motivate myself by using props, affirmations and clarification of these values, that really matter for me. One of those values is: gratitude, so I am more grateful.

David (Writer)

I started my coaching sessions with Aggie during my January blues, when I was too much focused on my "weaknesses" and how to change those characteristics about me. I had my ahah moment when Aggie made me realised that what I was considering "weaknesses" were actually just traits and could be used in my favour. She reminded me of how all my characteristics, all together, are just who I am and how it helped me get where I am. On my last session, Aggie helped me prioritise my tasks, taking into account my lifestyle and my work. I just left feeling so much lighter and motivated at the same time. Aggie is very approachable, easy going, non judgemental. Just easy to talk to and clearly a people person. I could not recommend her more as a coach.

Elisa (Senior Revenue Analyst)

Email coaching experience: Your questions were making me face that I still have an emotional bond to my past that affects my present. They brought up these feelings and they made me think them over again. They led me to find additional resources and readings about solving them. Our messages made to slow down and think about why’s and how’s. Email coaching is not an easy thing. Both for coach and partner. Trust is a must at this point and the client has to be even more honest to her/himself. I think Your exercises were very useful. And for me, who is not native English speaker, it was a very different way of seeing myself.

Esther (Executive Assistant)

We have worked together before, so I had no hesitation to re-hire Aggie again. So far, through her coaching I achieved such results as: quit smoking, learnt a few key 'life' lessons (listen better, I don't NEED to answer all questions immediately, have empathy, I can't change anyone), I also became more calm, balanced and happy. I enjoy her ‘no nonsense, straightforward approach’. I find it easier to talk to my partner nowadays, and not bottle up emotions but rather channel them into healthy discussions. Aggie listens very attentively and she recalls from weeks / months ago, it is amazing!

Sarah (Senior Executive)

I have finally found a way to learn what I care about in a job and look for my ideal career. I respect Aggie’s direct answers and not pussy-footing around. I managed to achieve a better presence of mind in everyday life. I would recommend her to all the people I care about around me, so they too can see the truth about their own life. It has been a great experience.

Chantale (Customer Care)

What I liked the most about sessions with Aggie was her understanding of facilitation and how that afforded room for me to come to my own realisations. I also liked her attitude around doubt and making mistakes. It encouraged a way of looking at mistakes as experience and positive and with the power to dispel fear. I would recommend her as a coach as she demonstrated the facilitation techniques and understanding that make coaching a worthwhile practice. Furthermore, she seems to be aware of the areas that need addressing, ie challenging the person to find what is important to them and then exploring what are the obstacles. If the coachee is a cooperative participant they will benefit from the natural reflection that ensues from such an approach. The value of well facilitated coaching encourages the coachee to confront their own concerns. It appropriately refrains from offering ready-made solutions so a platform is provided for the coachee to firstly realise that it is themselves who will provide the solutions. There is no undue pressure, inviting the coachee only to commit to what they are reasonably comfortable with. The only effort reasonably presumed is that which has been committed to. Here is an important watershed. The honesty with which the commitment is arrived at will provide the equal measure of personal responsibility when carrying out the work committed to.

Ray (Career Changer)

During my studies in Computer Science, there were often subjects that I was not interested in. That is why it was difficult for me to finish my Bachelor's degree. I was wondering if I had chosen the right career path but I did not know anyone who did career coaching before I met Aggie. When she told me that she did career coaching, I wanted her to coach me. I wanted to find out if there were other jobs that were right for me. Our meetings were always helpful and they gave me a good feeling. Thanks to Aggie I found out about my values and what is important to me in a job. I realized that my current job pretty much matches my values. I would recommend Aggie as a coach as she is so caring and understanding. I miss the meetings with her very much

Margaux (IT professional)

Honestly, before I started working with Aggie, I thought I did not need a career coach and would have been reluctant to invest money in coaching. But, I knew I wanted to make changes and could not action them on my own. I felt I was running around in circles for a few years. Now I know I was not grounded with what drives me and with my personal values. Following the coaching I am more self-aware. I will only make choices now that will align with my values and what motivates me. Our sessions gave me time to work on me and no one else. As a busy mum and wife life sometimes is looking after everyone around you. Coaching allowed me to spend time on focusing on myself and focus on where I wanted to go. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience and learned so much. I loved the scientific explanations from Aggie about how the brain works and neuroscience etc which really helps understand why we do the things we do!!! I absolutely recommend her as a coach.

Anne (Credit Control Officer)